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Delicious Food Mexican Lunch Enchilada Sauce – Red Chile Sauce – The enchilada sauce – red chile sauce cuisine of Native Americans and Hispanics in the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico functions as the structure for Mexican food in the United States. Mexican foods that are native to the United States frequently come from the Southwestern area examples include breakfast burritos, red or green chile, chili con carne, and chimichangas. This dish is based on a very old custom. It is prepared using an entire Poblano pepper that has actually been filled with picadillo a mix of ground meat, fruits, and spices, topped with a cream sauce made from walnuts, and decorated with celery and pomegranate seeds. The hues are similar to those of the Mexican flag when seen from Puebla.

Yummy Food Mexico Food Enchilada Sauce - Red Chile Sauce

So Yummy Mexico Food Enchilada Sauce – Red Chile Sauce

Enchilada Sauce – Red Chile Sauce Ingredients

Before jumping up to the ingredients, there are some unwritten basic rules one of the cook to always focus on details in almost everything; the utensils, the steps, and one of the most important things is the time management you use for cooking. The utensils you utilize will mostly affect the texture of the meals, steps will determine the taste, and exactly how long enough time you cook will determine the quality of the finished menu. Thus, if you would like to cook at home, following each and every step of the cooking instruction meticulously will give the best result. Here is what you need for taking notes.

1 8 oz (1/2lb) dried red chile (New Mexico, California, guajillo, etc.).
2 1/2 cup onion (chopped).
3 8 clove garlic.
4 2 tsp ground cumin.
5 1 tsp ground coriander seeds.
6 1 tsp oregano.
7 4 cup reserved chile water (see below).
8 1/2 tsp pepper.
9 2 1/2 tsp salt (or more to taste).

Enchilada Sauce – Red Chile Sauce enchilada sauce – red chile sauce Mexican Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Clean the dried chiles by cutting off the stem and removing the seeds inside..
Step 2 Boil the chiles in enough water to cover for 10 minutes or until softened. Reserve 4 cups of the water used to boil the chiles and set to the side for the next step..
Step 3 Transfer the chiles to a blender, along with the onion, garlic, spices and 2 cups of the chile water. Blend until smooth..
Step 4 Place the blended sauce in a colander over a large bowl. Use a spoon to help pass the blended chile sauce through the colander. Once all of the sauce has passed through, place the leftover chile paste in the blender with the remaining 2 cups of chile water and re-blend..
Step 5 Repeat the straining process through the colander once more. Add salt and pepper to taste..
Step 6 The strained sauce is ready to use or can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. Enjoy!.

Mexican Cuisine Cooking Step by Step

The food served enchilada sauce – red chile sauce the majority of Mexican dining establishments beyond Mexico, which is generally some variation of Tex Mex, is completely different from the regional home cooking of Mexico. Mexican cuisine has numerous distinct local variations, consisting of Tex Mex. Specific standard foods from Mexico needed fancy or drawn-out cooking techniques, consisting of cooking underground, as in the case of cochinita pibil. Before there was industrialization, standard women would spend a bargain of time each day boiling dried corn, grinding it on a metate, and making tortilla dough, which they would then prepare one at a time on a comal frying pan. This is still the method tortillas are made in some locations. A mortar known as a molcajete was likewise utilized to grind sauces and salsas. Although the texture is a little bit various, mixers are used more regularly nowadays. Most of Mexicans would agree that food prepared in a molcajete tastes better, but couple of still do so today.

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